“How much water do you drink?” I asked a client after massaging her back for about 10 minutes.
“Not much at all. I had a tea at 5:00 yesterday and 3 teas this morning”. Why do you ask?”

Our skin has the amazing ability to not only absorb substances (medication patches, environmental and chemical products), but also to eliminate toxins. This woman had a residue on her skin that, combined with my massage lotion/oil, made for some very significant stickiness. Knowing the general state of her health and various ailments, I strongly advised her to drink more H20, as the residue is an indication that her body is trying to flush out metabolic wastes via the skin, since it isn’t getting rid of it fast enough by kidney and colon. We lose about 10 cups of fluid a day in sweat, urine, exhaled air and bowel movements. What is lost must be replaced to maintain balance, and drinking diuretic fluids does N*O*T COUNT!

I’ve heard many reasons over the years about why water isn’t consumed enough, but in my mind, they’re just excuses when you KNOW your body needs it. I’m not going to list out the myriad of methods to incorporate more water into your life because there is a ton of information out there for you (Google is your friend). Find a way that works for YOU … I guarantee your body will thank you by feeling healthier!