Looking at a massage “menu” can be confusing, especially if it’s at a spa environment: California, hot stone, Thai, shiatsu, tonic, lymphatic drainage, lomi-lomi, deep tissue, sports massage, and the list goes on and on!  In a nutshell, Swedish Massage is simply a collection of techniques that were found to have consistently therapeutic effects on the human body, and they were developed by a Swedish physical therapist in the 1800’s.  Because they’re so universally effective and natural to use, many of these same techniques are incorporated into various other styles, such as deep tissue, sports, and hot stone.  Are you looking for relaxation therapy or a solution to a specific issue?  You’ll need to ask questions beforehand in order to determine what treatment is right for you.  Sometimes the only thing that differentiates many treatments comes down to adding components like stretching, or using a tool such as hot stones or thermal palms instead of the hands.  Regardless of the style you choose to try, every massage experience is going to be different when there is a diverse range of therapists to choose from as well.  You’ve tried more than one (insert service provider here) doctor, hairstylist, dentist or banker, and certainly your experience from one to the next was different.  You’ve ultimately settled on the one you like the best and you stick with them until one of you relocates, retires or expires!

If you’re considering massage for a specific problem you’re having, then your RMT will decide which techniques are going to work best, geared to your specific needs.  When applied skillfully, massage is the single most effective therapy for releasing muscle tension, and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system.  What have you got to lose?  Call, text or email me for an appointment today!