Lee-Ann Valencia, RMT

Hi, I’m Lee-Ann

I have lived in Ottawa since 1984, and have enjoyed an active outdoor life in this beautiful city since then. This active lifestyle has led to a series of injuries, including foot surgery and a herniated lumbar disc; I truly understand the frustrations my clients experience living with chronic pain, compensatory issues, and restricted activity. Now I enjoy cycling, golf, kayaking, motorcycling, hot yoga, snowshoeing, and core strengthening at the gym.

After my graduation from Algonquin College with honours, and my certification as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in 2003, I founded my own practice with a unique approach to massage therapy. I utilize my knowledge of muscle group imbalances and trigger-point pain patterns to develop a more expansive approach than the traditional “X marks the spot” approach – the source of pain is not always located where the pain point is, and I work to find and relieve pain at the source. This detailed and nuanced approach has allowed me to help my clients achieve their goals.

Although I continue to focus on my individual clients, I have also continued my relationship with Algonquin College as a teacher. In 2011 I was pleased to teach a massage lab to a group of first year “intensive program” students and I spent 3 additional semesters supervising student therapists in the College massage clinics. I continue my enjoyment of teaching through my own Couples Massage Workshop.

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