Private Lessons

Learn the art of couples massage from Lee-Ann Valencia

Couples Workshop

In this two hour class, you will each give and receive a massage from your partner. This workshop is private and “hands-on” where basic Swedish techniques are demonstrated, explained, and coached while you practice them on your partner.  Unless you have a massage table at home, the course is usually taught on a mat on the floor, as the biomechanics are completely different than working on a table (we want you to be able to easily transfer your newly learned skills to your own floor or bed).  Common themes of what people struggle with are “limited variety of techniques” as well as getting tired or sore quickly and easily — we give you pointers and tips on the best way to use your hands, arms, and body weight, with an emphasis on proper ergonomics.

In preparation for the class:

  • Wear comfortable clothes for kneeling and bending in, and sleeves that can be easily rolled up
  • Come well fed and well hydrated
  • Short nails are best
  • Remove rings, bracelets and watches
  • Please keep facial cosmetics and body scents to a minimum (lipstick & mascara are almost impossible to remove from linens)

I provide the massage tools necessary to learn (mat or table, linens, pillows, lotion, oil, towels).

The course is $190.00 (or $95.00/person) and can be easily booked online using the “book now” button at the bottom of the page.  An alternative option, if only one of you wants to learn massage techniques, is to book one hour … please contact me to arrange this.

Book Now: 613-302-3117